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Tehnoplast Ltd, a producer of plastic packages, was established in 1991 on private capital of Estonian businessmen. The company is located in Tallinn in an industrial district of Mustamäe. In its field of activities the company is a leader among the Baltic states. Importance of export has grown in years and makes about 40% of the turnover. The goods are mainly exported to the Baltic States, where our representatives are SIA "STT" in Latvia and UAB "Imlitex" in Lithuania. The company is a member of Estonian Plastic Association and Estonian Chamber of Commerce.
The main sphere of our activities is production of canisters and bottles based on blowmoulding technology and production buckets with handle and lid based on pressmoulding technology. Today our main activities based on usage of plastic are:
- production of bottles and canisters
- production of closures for bottles and canisters
- production of buckets with lids and handles.
In our production we use raw materials that are made by leading factories in Europe. Technological equipments are bought from leading machinery producers in Europe and Asia. We have over 40 equipments in our factory.
We produce plastic bottles with volume from 30 ml up to 1,5 liters and canisters -from 2,0 up to 25,0 liters.
Our bottles in food industry are mainly used for ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces. For chemical industry we provide bottles for different chemicals such as car- and household chemistry. Canisters are mainly used in chemical industry and also for cooking oils and drinking water in food industry.
Another important field of our activity is production of closures for our bottles and canisters. Also we produce buckets with handle and lid with volume 3, 5 and 10 liters, that are used in food industry (ketchup, mayonnaise, fish) and in chemical industry for construction chemicals.
We wish the very best to our partners, and we are ready to serve our customers in a high level.

AS Tehnoplast, Laki 5A, 10621 Tallinn; tel. (+372) 656 3112, (+372) 656 3476, fax (+372) 656 3353, e-mail: